Who we are

Network Kinetics has existed in its current form since 2005, created by a group of I.T. Engineers with more than 35 years of total experience in Network Support Services, Onsite Support Services, Data Center Services and Project Management throughout EMEA and APAC. Network Kinetics have head offices based out of Hong Kong, Sydney, Australia, Athens, Greece and London, United Kingdom.

Network Kinetics place a great emphasis on the quality of services they offer and proudly state that their strongest “means of advertising” are their customers.

What Makes Us Unique

We have the confidence that the quality of our services is extremely high. Our proactive approach in all fields and the relationship we develop with our clients is what leads us to successful and long lasting projects.

Technical Support with

zero downtime

Our Personnel

The projects we undertake are always high demanding, and that is why our team consists of experienced I.T. Engineers’, developers and marketing specialists. We all share the same philosophy, in providing high quality services.
Because Prevention is Better than Cure

Proactive Support

We believe that prevention is better than cure. We actively monitor all of our customers' networks to predict and prevent interruption of Service. Our engineers visit all customers at least once a month in order to strengthen the relationship with the customer.

In addition, our I.T. Engineers receive daily updates via e-mail, which provide a clear picture of what happens to their customers' networks. They also receive a weekly update that includes a complete summary of the operating status of all network devices (servers, firewalls, switches, routers, UPS, and PC). This allows us to have a good idea of where problems may arise and resolve them before it causes a system crash.

An additional advantage offered by preventive maintenance to our customers is the ability to predict hardware failures. This in turn, provides two important advantages:

1. The system down time is minimized, or in some cases completely eliminated

2. In case of failure of hardware, we provide a report of the predicted failure, because as soon as an upcoming hardware failure is found and replaced, the greater the chances of coverage by the manufacturer's warranty. In this way, our client is freed from the hardware replacement costs.

This regular interaction with our customers, enables us to provide the highest levels of support, combined with the creation of a productive working relationship with the users. It also helps your staff be more productive when it comes to computer usage.