Half the population of the planet

It is now connected to the Internet.
Social Networks and

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing and social networks are often a chaotic place for a business. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest ... Which should I use for my company and why? We know it’s a lot to handle, so we will provide you with the best formula that suits your company.

First, to answer the question ... Why?

The figures are clear, 75% of Europeans have internet connection and spend at least 30 hours a month online. 1/3 online is dedicated to social networks. Revenue from online sales totaling more than 300 billion annually. The average European uses the smartphone of 50-150 times a day.

75% of Europeans have an Internet connection

and devote at least 30 hours a month on it.

What do we do?

We are an external marketing department with a much lower cost than the maintenance of an interior department, we can create and develop your corporate identity in the world of digital marketing.

The classic way of advertising has been and continues to be, the poster or the eaves of your company in crowded places. Plus, there is the busiest part of the Social Media! We know all the secrets to create your own "eaves" which now has the ability to interact with the world, creating stories through the posts and then follow the story broadcasting from user to user.

We create advertising campaigns, with multi-level targeting to increase your company's visibility and the "education" of the public. Our experience in the field has taught us, that companies often have difficulties to communicate with the world what is exactly what they do or why "should" buy their product. With social media, communicate in a clear and easy way, with all the messages that your company wants to convey to the buying public.

Creating a community, it contributes significantly to the development of trust relationship with your customers, and this is often the focal point that will bring in new customers. The reviews, comments and likes are not just buttons, they are marketing tools!

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